Business Tips & Learnings from Jenny Arnold

Determination and Focus

Never Give Up, Always Stand Out We are a passive being. Rather ignore than engage is our philosophy. Take the easy route and opt out, than expose ourselves to our fears or pain or uncertainty. It may be safer, simpler and less hassle, but for me it is not an option.

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Top Leadership Tips

As the saying goes, “you cant lead a horse to water”… The same is for a team, you can be a great leader, but it takes a great manager combined with a great leader to gain true success. Every successful team needs the right mix of Leaders and Managers. Most naturaly wish to be the […]

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Other Good Business Quotes

Other sayings I have repeated to myself on a daily basis until I literally began to live by them are: 1. “It’s nice to be nice”. It heals your sole, not only the soles of others. Do something nice today. 2. “Live life like a waterfall, not a cistern that merely contains”. This saying inspires […]

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