Art and Quotes

Other sayings I have repeated to myself on a daily basis until I literally began to live by them are:

1. “It’s nice to be nice”. It heals your sole, not only the soles of others. Do something nice today.
2. “Live life like a waterfall, not a cistern that merely contains”. This saying inspires me to be different. Don’t follow the crowd and don’t be afraid to stand out and burst with enthusiasm and energy.

3. “Time washes clean, wounds never seen” Linda Rondstadt, Long Long Time. You may not have to air your washing, but know it will always dry out and move on.

4. “It’s perfect how it is, because that’s how it’s meant to be”. Sometimes you need to allow a little acceptance into your life…

5. “Try not to be pushed away by something but rather be pulled”. I love the positive energy of this quote. I use it in training teams and getting good, positivity out of people.

6. “Therefore the doubts which have arisen in your mind out of ignorance should be slashed by the weapon of knowledge”. Never judge, react or make decisions without all the knowledge of all the parts to the equation.

7. “There are two sides to every story, then there’s the truth” be gentle, unemotional and supportive of both sides. Don’t jump to judge just one.

8. “What’s the point of asking who shot the arrow? The question is how do we get the arrow out”. I love this saying! I cannot stand finger pointers and blamers. Never have an issue with a mistake, only have issue at those who hide their mistakes. Help people to recognise and learn and your team will be strong, confident and successful.

Written by Jenny Arnold