Make something delicious for your staff
All agencies are fun to work in right? Here at the POSH Agency we ease the fast paced agency pressure by keeping work light hearted and fun. We have Pizza ordered as a surprise, pop out for lunches with staff members for a catch up, sweets and cake. We also have a very popular wine, champagne and gin fridge – which we pop open when the need arises or the sun comes out! Whilst this engages our team, keeps communication open and makes our work place a happy one we also have to offer more structured loyalty growing incentives, which we offer in line with each staff members 6 monthly review.  Here’s what we do…

Six Monthly Benefits
After each 6 month review not only salaries (we aim to increase salary each year by a minimum of 2% to 3% for juniors and middle management), but we also partner up with our hospitality clients to offer experiential incentives to our employees. The value of these rewards / staff incentives are dependent on their performance and achievements throughout the past two quarters. Gifts we have shared in the past have been anything from tables for party nights out, to events tickets, dinner for two in nice client restaurants, up to holidays or long weekends away.

Involve Your Staff
We tend to discuss the options for the individuals staff rewards with them before selecting their gift. This way we can tailor each experience to their needs and make the incentive that little bit more special.

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Written by Jenny Arnold