Live Life Like a Waterfall

Never Give Up, Always Stand Out

We are a passive being. Rather ignore than engage is our philosophy. Take the easy route and opt out, than expose ourselves to our fears or pain or uncertainty. It may be safer, simpler and less hassle, but for me it is not an option.

I cannot walk away. I will not limit my ideas. I may be setting myself up for a greater fall, I may sit crumpled on the floor, beating myself for creating more hurt, but as long as I get back up I will never fail. I have merely stumbled. Always reaffirm, “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

I will get back up, I will keep engaging and I will open cans of worms; for if they lay forever untouched they will never be resolved, the less fortunate and hurt will never be helped, the uncovered will never be discovered, the unachieved will not be achieved.

I will “live my life like a waterfall that overflows, not merely a cistern that simply contains”. I will not walk away, unopened, undiscovered, untried, unachieved.

Today I am angry. My determination grows. With or without help, all I can do is my best. And my best will always be good enough.

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Written by Jenny Arnold